Innovation in Child Safeguarding

Privacy by design

By applying machine learning to big data, Project CESIUM advances risk identification and assessment to better combat child exploitation.

Innovative Technology for Child Safeguarding

CESIUM’s state of the art technology will:

  • Enable the identification of children vulnerable to exploitation and assess their risk of harm
  • Identify and assess the risk of persons exploiting children in the community
  • Increase efficiency and essential insights for safeguarding professionals
  • Strengthen partnerships and shared data insights
CESIUM Child Technology
CESIUM Child Exploitation

Child Exploitation is a Priority

The National Crime Agency report and the Children’s Commissioner recognise that the true scale of children and young people being abused and exploited is difficult to determine and remains a clear intelligence gap. We do not know the real number of those affected and a large number of young people remain hidden without any support.

The Children’s Commissioner for England in 2018 warned that up to 30,000 to 50,000 young people could be affected in Britain by county lines only, without taking into account other types of children exploitation.

Our Approach

CESIUM will empower STRIAD®, Trilateral’s cloud-based data-driven risk assessment platform, with disruptive algorithms built via a co-design approach and privacy-by-design and data ethics best practice.

To ensure that CESIUM is effective and fit-for-purpose, Trilateral Research has engaged across the safeguarding network throughout the UK. Activities in CESIUM are being shared with the data analytics workstream of the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) so as to complement their current approach.

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Lincolnshire Police, has joined in the co-design process, and will be early adopters of the new solution which will support their approach to child safeguarding.

CESIUM is also supported by NWG Exploitation Response Unit – a charitable organisation formed as a UK network of over 14,500 practitioners who disseminate information through their services, to professionals working on the issue of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and trafficking within the UK.

Lincolnshite Police

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