Enabling data-driven decision making

Trilateral’s technology is designed to break data silos to gain broader insights which lead to efficient and evidence based-decisions.​

Committed to Privacy

Our tools are designed using principles of security, privacy and ethics by design, ensuring a commitment to data governance and ethical AI

Tackling social challenges

Tackling complex social challenges, such as health crises, the protection of civilians in conflict, risk of child exploitation, demands in social care, requires the early identification of vulnerabilities and risks.

Dispersed data and the wider difficulties in identifying patterns to maintain a holistic picture can lead to misinformed decision-making, resulting in severe social consequences.

STRIAD® solutions collate data insights  and creates accessible and visually meaningful evidence, quickly available for  comprehensive analysis, so that you can focus on what matters.

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How it works

Identifying users’ needs

The starting point is to assess your needs: what data you use, how you use your data, what information and insights you would like to gain. We work with you to draw out your problem-set and identify your unique challenges.

Our technology designers, developers, data scientists and domain experts work with you to help picture how new technologies can make a difference.

For this reason, our co-design approach involves end-users from start to finish of the technology design and testing.

Integrating and managing data

Structured and unstructured data, such as log files, spreadsheets, e-mails, open data sets, documents, images, and videos are usually disconnected. 

As the volume of data increases within your organisation it becomes increasingly difficult to extract meaningful insights. Integrating and enriching your data and other data in a cloud environment can make all the difference, resulting in a pool of information ready for use.

Breaking complex data patterns

As data are connected, they are identified as significant objects – people, places, organisations, facilities, events and their relationships are brought to life.

This means that the unmanageable volume of data you started with is now a searchable body of information from which you can gain distinct and useful insights.

Empowering your decisions

Breaking down complex data patterns means that you have more time to spend on data analysis, rather than wasting time on sorting and cleaning your data.

Consequently, when tackling complex social challenges, you will be able to visualise information and the relationships between the underpinning evidence in a clear and accessible format.

This analysis will provide a comprehensive situational understanding and will enable you to achieve early identification and assessment of threats, vulnerabilities and risks to inform decision-making.

STRIAD® Solutions

Technology to tackle complex social challenges

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