STRIAD® Features

Informing decision making

Users can add and select STRIAD® features that respond to their specific needs to achieve the most effective management of big data assets and enable data sharing and secure collaborations.

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Scalable & Secure Big Data Management

Users can transform dispersed data into comprehensive data assets within the cloud environment provided by the STRIAD® platform.

Users can store structured and unstructured data, connect to external APIs to bring in open data sets or shared partner data, collect data from the field, and export analytics via API connectors for seamless integration, all in a secure cloud environment.

Secure Collaboration

Users can work together from within and across partner organizations via STRIAD® platform cloud environment, sharing and analysing data to inform decision making while setting their own permission controls.

Actionable Insights

Users can drill into their data to draw out key insights, ranging from timeseries analysis, entity recognition, pattern recognition, network analysis and geo-spatial intelligence, among others, to inform and enhance their decisions-making.

Machine learning algorithms, natural language processing tools and statistical analysis functions support extracting and communicating insights that might otherwise be overlooked within the wider data landscape.

Data visualization and Maps

Users can access and visualise insights in a friendly and intuitive format and share them with others by creating interactive data visualisation dashboards and geo-spatial map overlays. Visualisations and related-data can be exported in format fit for presentations and reports.