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Tackling social challenges with interdisciplinary expertise and cutting-edge data intelligence services

Organisations are often rich in data but can be constrained in deriving value from it. As a result, they miss out on data-driven insights, advanced analytical capabilities and intelligence when aiming to tackle complex social challenges. Of course, data on its own does not solve everything, but it can help with establishing a contextual understanding of a problem, by providing reliable and real-time information for actionable insights.

We are here to partner with you to use data to help you solve societal challenges. Our end-to-end service can support you all the way, from building a comprehensive understanding of the context in which your challenges are situated, to evaluating your information needs and assessing your data to identify gaps. If the available data cannot answer your questions, we can enrich your data or co-create it from scratch leveraging tailored domain expertise.

We build data insights by using algorithms, natural language processing tools and statistical analysis. Furthermore, we pair it with our expertise in data governance, ethics-by-design and explainable AI best practices, to ensure secure and sustainable outcomes.

Focusing on what really matters to you, we will help you gain real value from data to achieve a positive societal impact.

Your journey

The Sociotech Insights Group can take you on an end-to-end journey from problem definition to final outputs or can support you in a modular fashion, based on your needs and context of operation.

Our services
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Problem definition and understanding users' needs

What are you needs and what is the landscape of your context of operation?

Work with us to truly unpack your challenge

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Interdisciplinary applied research

What technical, legal and domain expertise is needed to deliver secure and sustainable change within your context?

Work with us to understand the complexity and nuances of your challenge

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Data services and intelligence

How can you identify and gather all the relevant data to derive value from it and build insights?

Work with us to structure and enrich your data


Data governance and ethics-by-design

What do you need to ensure full compliance and security when extracting value from data?

Work with us to embed security compliance and ethical principles within your data processing

traing sig

Training and knowledge development

What applied knowledge, training and information do you need to tackle your challenge?

Work with us to develop your skills and expertise

What will you gain?

By enhancing your analytical capabilities and data intelligence, you will be able to tackle complex societal challenges. In the course of this process, you will have:

  • Acquired a deep understanding of the domains across which your challenge sits
  • Developed the technical tools to identify clear patterns and relationships between sets of information that are otherwise siloed and unstructured
  • Gained more resources and more efficiency as the burden of transforming dispersed data into comprehensive data set will be taken off you
  • Built new skills that will embed data fluency and a data-driven culture within your organisation
  • Established higher levels of transparency and compliance in your data management and processing

Ultimately, you will tackle complex societal challenges by achieving faster and more reliable decision-making.

Case Studies

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      Problem definition and understanding users

      Understanding and solving your challenge involves taking a step back to really unpack them through in-depth, structured discussions. To do this, we ask 7 questions:

      • What is the problem?
      • Why is this a problem?
      • How does the problem affect you?
      • What capabilities and resources are available to you?
      • What contextual factors underpin the problem?
      • What is the desired outcome?
      • How can we understand and mitigate potential risks?

      You are always at the centre. We work closely with you to understand each of these questions in your particular context and within your particular constraints. We bring a wealth of expertise to the table, but we check our assumptions at the door.

      We will work with you to ensure that your key needs for creating solutions are met and co-develop durable and sustainable outcomes through multiple iterative cycles of experimentation and validation.

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      Interdisciplinary applied research

      Solving tricky and elaborate social challenges requires a rigorous understanding of the surrounding context. It needs domain expertise and in-depth know how of socio-technical research methods and methodologies. This needs to underpin all data-driven insights.

      We accomplish this by using our in-house, multilingual and socio-technical team with full-spectrum interdisciplinary expertise across social sciences, health, law, ethics, behavioural science, privacy, data protection, data science, analytics, machine learning, and algorithmic development.

      Taking an interdisciplinary approach to producing data-driven insights enhances the reliability and validity of the findings, thereby supporting organisations to cut costs and drive efficiencies in evidence-based decision making to tackle complex social problems.

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      Data services and intelligence

      Sometimes the data needed to solve your challenge is already available for expert curation. Sometimes it isn’t. You may need to go beyond analysing and visualising your data and enrich your datasets or even create it from scratch to arrive at the desired solution. At all times, interpreting the data landscape is a key part of the puzzle.

      As experts in data curation, creation and interpretation, we support with the following:

      • Determining the most suitable data sources and format to deliver timely, actionable and locally relevant insights
      • Identifying discrepancies between what you want and the available data
      • Creating new data sets where gaps currently exist
      • Collecting valuable data through rigorous research
      • Validating data sets and sources, including those you already have
      • Preparing, cleaning and structuring data to make it usable for your purposes within the cloud environment provided by the STRIAD® platform
      • Understanding and assessing the limitations and biases associated with data
      • Developing machine learning algorithms, natural language processing tools and statistical analysis functions to extract insights from your data sets and communicate via user-friendly visualisations
      • Data validation, agile verification and user acceptance processes

      Useful data comes in many different shapes, sizes and languages and can remain hidden in places many wouldn’t even think to look. We will help you find opportunities for insight and our support in finding and working with data will give you more time to achieve your aims.

      Our integrated data validation and agile verification processes add an extra level of guarantee to the sustainability of your solution and that it fits your context of operation.

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      Data governance and ethics-by-design

      In contexts where data compliance is of high priority, you cannot afford to compromise on security and sustainability. In using the Sociotech Insights Group services our clients:
      • Gain extra levels of data security via Trilateral’s Data Governance services
      • Benefit from expertise in conducting privacy, ethics and gender impact assessments to understand the consequences of actions on society and individuals
      • Provide an explainable AI framework, i.e., tools to help you understand and interpret machine learning models in your solutions to improve model performance and behaviour
      Integrated principles of security, privacy and ethics allow you to:
      • Enhance the immediate and long-term societal acceptance of solutions by ensuring transparency and sustainability
      • Improve your understanding of how machine learning works and your ability to recognise and mitigate risks of bias in data
      • Achieve comprehensive algorithmic transparency
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      Training and knowledge development

      Understanding the context of complex social problems and adopting new technologies to solve them can be challenging and disruptive for organisations and people. Through our training service, we can help you develop an in-depth understanding of a topic and help you learn how to apply this knowledge to your context and turn it into actionable insights. We offer courses in person, virtual and as e-packages that you can use anytime and anywhere. You can use one of our existing courses or we can work with you to develop a bespoke course just for you.

      Areas of applied expertise:


      • Human trafficking / modern slavery
      • Child exploitation, victimology and criminology
      • Human security and protection of civilians
      • International humanitarian, human rights and criminal law
      • Internal displacement and refugee law
      • Business and human rights
      • Risk Communication

      Ethics and new technology:

      • Ethics of technology including explainable AI
      • Using data for good

      Through the training you will:

      • Acquire a comprehensive, applied understanding of the subject, including its implications for your particular area of work
      • Understand how innovation interacts with and can support the operationalisation of domain-specific insights
      • Network with others in your field and establish relationships to continue learning and development after the course

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