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Trilateral’s sociotechnical approach enables you to responsibly use data and equips you with explainable AI so that you can tackle complex social challenges by cutting through the noise to gain meaningful insights.

Dispersed and siloed data prevent you from identifying patterns, making it difficult to gain the whole picture, leading to misinformed decisions when tackling complex social challenges.​

Trilateral’s sociotechnical approach allows you to navigate overwhelming amounts of information to gain relevant insights.​

Domain experts and technology designers will join you to unpack the problem, identify the relevant sources of information, break data silos and design AI applications to enhance your intelligence.​

Leveraging our approach, you will be able to base your decisions on explainable evidence, own the full picture and prioritise actions that drive change. ​

How it works

Breaking the complexity of social challenges

Integrating and managing data​

Empowering your decisions​

Designing AI around the problem

Explainable AI & Data Security

Sociotech Software & Services

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      Breaking the complexity of social challenges

      The starting point is in our team being able to understand the social problem you are engaging with, what types of decisions you are trying to make, what you want to get from the data, and subsequently, identifying appropriate AI to provide the insights that would be relevant for you.​

      That’s why we equip you with an interdisciplinary team made of domain experts, technology designers, social scientists, ethical and legal experts who work with you to draw out your problem-set and identify your unique challenges.

      Integrating and managing data

      Structured and unstructured data, such as log files, spreadsheets, e-mails, open data sets, documents, images, and videos are usually disconnected. ​

      As the volume of data increases within your organisation, it becomes increasingly difficult to extract meaningful insights. ​

      Gaining expert support to integrate and enrich data can make all the difference, resulting in a pool of information ready for use.

      Empowering your decisions

      When tackling complex social challenges, you will be able to visualise information and the relationships between the underpinning evidence in a clear, accessible and familiar format.​

      This analysis will provide a comprehensive situational understanding and will enable you to achieve early identification and assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to inform your decisions.

      Designing AI around the problem

      As the relevant data sets have been identified and connected, what looked like an unmanageable volume of data can now be used as a searchable body of information.​

      Our team can support you in designing optimal AI solutions to cut through the noise and gain distinct and meaningful insights.

      AI Explainability and data security​

      ​Our tools are designed to support, not replace professional judgement. Our solutions are purposefully designed with the ‘human in the loop’, ensuring that the outputs are understandable. ​

      Out team embeds principles of security, privacy and ethics by design, ensuring a commitment to data governance and ethical AI. ​

      Read more about the Trilateral’s legal and ethical expert work in ensuring long-term sustainability for new technology development.