Support Small and Medium Enterprises on the Data Protection Reform



The EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation EU 2016/679 – GDPR) became applicable on 25 May 2018. One of the main goals of an EU Regulation is to ensure that a uniform, and not simply harmonised, law applies throughout the Union and, with particular regard to data protection, leads to residents of each Member State being able to enjoy and to enforce the same set of rights.

This ambitious objective can only be achieved when the uniform legislation is implemented in the same waythroughout the Union. This requires each stakeholder to adopt a similar approach when dealing with data protection: Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) should ensure that their staff are adequately trained to deal with a more complex legislation; Data Protection Officers (DPO) and organisations working in the public and private sectors should be able to understand the rationale behind each new rule to ensure that their work is effective and accurate; other stakeholders should also be aware of legislation that will impact each function in all organisations in Europe and overseas.



The STAR project is providing support to the training activities of DPAs, DPOs, and other stakeholders on the new GDPR regime. This goal will be achieved by working on four sub-objectives:

  • mapping and engaging stakeholders throughout Europe, in order to ensure that the research consortium understands each stakeholder’s training needs;
  • developing easy-to-customise and easy-to-run training materials that can be easily adapted to the widest possible range of training scenarios;
  • testing and validating these training materials with DPAs, DPOs, and other stakeholders to ensure they are high-quality and useful;
  • making the training materials publicly available under an open license for any stakeholder in the Union to be able to download and use these materials in their training activities.

The research consortium, composed of the Free University of Brussels (coordinator), the Hungarian Data Protection Authority, and Trilateral Research, is convinced that the creation and publication of such materials will contribute to achieving a harmonised, if not uniform, training environment throughout the Union.


Our Role

Based upon our longstanding and fruitful collaboration with DPAs in Europe and beyond in the PHAEDRA I and II projects, as well as of its proven knowledge and expertise in data protection, Trilateral Research is leading the stakeholder mapping and engagement activities of STAR, which includes identifying existing training needs and maintaining an open dialogue with DPAs and other stakeholders.

Our team is also actively contributing to the development of the training materials, with special regard to Trilateral Research’s core areas of expertise, such as Data Protection Impact Assessments, the management of Personal Data Breaches, the interaction with DPAs, and more.

Finally, Trilateral Research is leading the project’s dissemination and outreach work, which will ensure that all potential users are apprised of the final outputs of the project, and that the materials are taken into adequate consideration in the regulatory, academic, and commercial worlds.



The final outputs of STAR will be a series of training materials that stakeholders may freely download and easily adapt to their needs.

Currently, the consortium identified ten streams on which the development will initially focus. The streams are:

  • Introduction to the European Union Data Protection regime
  • Purposes and legal grounds for processing personal data
  • The rights of the data subject and their exercise
  • Responsibilities of data controllers and processors
  • The role of the data protection authority
  • Data protection in practice: technical and organisational measures
  • Risk-based approach in the GDPR
  • Data protection impact assessments
  • Data protection communication
  • It’s not just the GDPR – GDPR related laws and special provisions


For more information and updates visit the STAR project website and follow us on Twitter @projectSTAR_eu


Please contact our team for more information:

David Barnard-Wills, Senior Research Manager at Trilateral Research

The STAR project – Support Small and Medium Enterprises on the Data Protection Reform – has received funding from the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014-2020, under grant agreement No. 769138

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