SETA – An open, sustainable, ubiquitous data and service ecosystem for efficient, effective, safe, resilient mobility in metropolitan areas 

Seta Project

SETA is coordinated by the University of Sheffield and is a three-year project that started in 2016. SETA aims to create technologies and methodologies to change the way mobility is organised, monitored and planned in large metropolitan areas. The solutions are based on large, complex dynamic data from millions of citizens, thousands of connected cars, thousands of city sensors and hundreds of distributed databases. The project will allow end users to understand and model mobility with a precision and granularity that is impossible with today’s technologies.  The resulting models will be used to inform decision makers on how to improve town planning and infrastructure, as well as to provide support for individual citizens to plan their journeys in a more efficient and sustainable way.


Trilateral are subcontractors in the SETA project, providing our advice and support around issues relating to privacy, ethics and data protection.


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Hayley Watson, Practice Manager – Crisis & Security

Hayley Watson


Client: University of Sheffield

‘Risk Assessment Report and Methodology’

You can view the Executive Summary and Table of contents of the Project Solebay Risk Assessment Methodology Report.

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