Privacy and data protection issues related to the use of civil RPAS

In 2014, Trilateral Research  partnered with Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) on a tender contract on the privacy, data protection and ethical issues associated with the civil use of remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones). The research project used scenarios of realistic civil RPAS practices to identify ethical, data protection and privacy challenges and to outline the relevant legal framework applicable to these practices. The project also consulted extensively with European Data Protection Authorities, Civil Aviation Authorities and industry and civil society representatives through a survey and a series of workshops support awareness raising and good practices for meeting the challenges associated with civil RPAS. The project will resulted in a series of policy recommendations for the integration of civil RPAS in European air space, with particular attention to the potential role that CAAs may play in addressing potential privacy and data protection implications of RPAS.

Client: Directorate General of Enterprise and Industry for the European Commission


‘Risk Assessment Report and Methodology’

You can view the Executive Summary and Table of contents of the Project Solebay Risk Assessment Methodology Report.

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