In February 2017, Trilateral will begin a new project, PREP1: a social media analysis tool for PREParedness. Trilateral will collaborate with the Global Disaster 

Preparedness Center, to continue their work into supporting the humanitarian community in engaging with social media for disaster preparedness and risk reduction purposes. PREP1 is a follow-on to the SMAT project completed by Trilateral in 2015. PREP1 involves the gathering of user requirements for the development of an open access social media analysis tool. This project involves identifying and validating user requirements and developing an initial design and functionality of the software. This will be accomplished by conducting (virtual) interviews and an online validation workshop with Red Cross Red Crescent actors from across the globe. The primary output of the study will be a report revealing the user requirements and an initial design of PREP1 validated by end users.  Filling this gap is crucial to supporting humanitarian organisations in their efforts to use social media for preparedness.


PREP1 is supported by Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund programme, a grant making facility supporting organisation and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the most pressing challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance. The HIF is funded by aid from the UK Government and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA). Visit for more information about Elrha’s work to improve humanitarian outcomes through research, innovation and partnership.

Client: Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund

‘Risk Assessment Report and Methodology’

You can view the Executive Summary and Table of contents of the Project Solebay Risk Assessment Methodology Report.

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