A people-centred approach to military planning

Numerous social, political and economic factors exacerbate today’s conflicts and complex crises. These factors can manifest in a myriad of ways, further undermining the security of civilian populations and jeopardising efforts to achieve stability.

Defence and security planners are keen to develop a deeper, more robust, more holistic, and ultimately more ‘people-centred’ analysis of the human environment in order to better understand, respond to, and resolve conflicts and crises.

Project HAMOC

Create a co-designed, data-driven solution for threat and vulnerability analysis to support decision-making in military planning, stabilisation efforts, and humanitarian response.
Deliver socio-technical insights to support knowledge development and training on analysing the human environment.
Work with organisations across the defence, security and humanitarian sectors to ensure a collaborative approach to conflict and crisis response.

Our Approach

Project HAMOC is being developed using STRIAD®, Trilateral’s cloud-based platform for data-driven risk assessment. Using co-design methods, Project HAMOC will exploit the power of STRIAD® to develop and deliver functionalities that add unique value to planners and decision-makers.

To achieve a result that is fit-for-purpose, Trilateral is working closely with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to co-design and pilot the analytical solution.

At Trilateral, our teams collaborate across the technical-social divide disciplinary divide to design innovative and impactful solutions through leveraging machine learning algorithms that are underpinned by rigorous social science research.

Human Security

Why is human security important?

Never has the concept of human security been as important as it is today as the world responds to the
Why take an interdisciplinary approach to data-driven decision-making around complex social problems?

Why take an interdisciplinary approach to data-driven decision-making around complex social problems?

“Data is the new gold”. This is a sentiment that has been repeatedly broadcasted by the big tech players and

Operationalising human security in South Sudan – Operation Trenton

In complex conflicts and crises, the security of individuals and populations can be threatened in a myriad of ways that
Project HAMOC is one of a number of projects funded under the UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) – Open Call

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‘Risk Assessment Report and Methodology’

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