Foresight Tools for Responding to cascading effects in a crisis

FORTRESS is a three year project that started in April 2014. Trilateral leads two work packages. The first, entitled ‘Reconstruction of crises and crises decision processes’, builds on Trilateral’s extensive experience in crisis management to analyse communication, strategies, networks and structures during varying past crises in order to develop a clear understanding of the cascading effects in these crises. The second, entitled ‘Dissemination’, focuses on communicating the project’s progress and results to a wide audience through an extensive range of outlets. Thirteen partners from eight countries that make up the consortium, work together to use such crisis case studies to build a modelling platform for cascading and cross-border effects in a range of crisis situations. The outcome of the project, the development of an incident tool that can be used in a cascading crisis, will allow communities to better cope with future crisis situations. The first of these tools, the scenario builder (FSB), allows users to simulate an actual crisis scenario including selecting affected infrastructures. This will then feed into the second tool (FIET) that will allow real-time decision support and, in the process, enhance communication between different crisis managers and stakeholders.
Client: European Commission, Research Executive Agency

‘Risk Assessment Report and Methodology’

You can view the Executive Summary and Table of contents of the Project Solebay Risk Assessment Methodology Report.

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