Toby Fenton

Toby Fenton is a Product Growth Manager at Trilateral Research.

Toby works to drive the strategic growth of HAMOC and related activities through user engagement, product management, customer and market exploitation, and business strategy. He works to integrate user research, social science, data science, ethics, and Trilateral’s wider technology innovation projects to support the company’s strategic growth initiatives.

He currently focuses on the growth of HAMOC, a cloud-based application designed to enable a stronger understanding of the human security environment to achieve more agile, data-driven decision-support in the planning of operations in defence, security, humanitarian, stabilisation, disaster response, and similar contexts.

This effort directly supports the wider development of STRIAD—Trilateral’s cloud-based application for data-driven decision support—through leveraging sociotechnical projects on human security, crime, crisis planning, risk assessment, and decision-making. Prior to this, he worked on Project Solebay and Project HAMOC, two UK MOD-funded sociotechnical projects to develop capabilities around modern slavery and human trafficking (MSHT) and human security (HS) respectively.

Toby is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

Research Background

Toby’s background lies in product management, research and consultancy within the defence and security sector. He has worked on a variety of themes including the human security environment (technology and policy); geospatial tools; risk assessment frameworks; the intelligence cycle; defence/security market analysis; digital product development; defence technology horizon scanning; amongst others.

He has a keen interest in international relations, risk-based decision-making, and the changing nature of the global security landscape. Toby holds an MA in International Peace and Security from King’s College London and a BSc in International Relations from the University of Plymouth. His MA dissertation was a comparative analysis of Russia’s attitude towards intervention in Libya and Syria during 2011-2015.

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