Tally Hatzakis

Tally Hatzakis is Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research.

Tally has worked on many EU, ESRC and EPSRC funded projects in a wide range of technology fields, from smart cities, open innovation, and e-Government, to business modelling, and the quantified self.

She is currently involved in the SHERPA project, coordinating research into the ethical and human rights challenges of AI intelligence and Big Data analytics through case studies, and scenario development with a range of stakeholders. The project seeks to identify society’s concerns and preferred solutions, present technical and regulatory options and set the criteria and advocate for the responsible development of such systems.

She previously led the EU-funded project, CLARITY, a support and coordination action that supports European Member States to pursue open e-Government initiatives in order to improve transparency, efficiency and greater trust.

Tally’s consultancy work covers a broad spectrum of topics on socio-technical innovation, enterprise architecture and business case development. Her consultancy practice is dedicated to understanding and effectively communicating the ‘bigger picture’ that contributes strategically to the needs of clients’ business models.

She is a light-hearted, deep thinker, innovator and networker, with the ability to apply a creative mindset into strategic business and technology fields, while embracing partnerships.

Research Background

Tally’s research focuses on socio-technical change, change management and trust-building.

She has extensive experience in designing primary and secondary research, using qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and she has published in peer-reviewed journals in the areas of Business and Management, Human Resources and Information Systems.

Tally has built a multi-faceted career in the private and public sector. She has worked in market research and advertising, as an academic researcher and lecturer, and as head of research and innovation in the public sector.

She holds a BSc in Marketing Management, an MBA from Aston Business School and a PhD in Information Systems Management from Brunel Business School.

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