Stephanie Rahill

Stephanie Rahill is Research Analyst at Trilateral Research.

At Trilateral, she is currently involved in the PANDEM-2 project, reviewing the social, ethical and legal issues in pandemic planning and response, along with conducting a privacy impact assessment on data protection and privacy.

Stephanie is a Registered Nutritionist (Association for Nutrition). She has a passion for research on health-related behaviours; moreover, on how factors or experiences in early life can track into adulthood and influence health status in later life.

Research Background

Stephanie has completed extensive research on the societal, parental and behavioural factors influencing food choice in children. Her thesis established the factors associated with fussy eating in children and outlined how fussy eating influences dietary intake and adequacy of nutrient intake. Her research also involved fathers and their role and responsibility in feeding their children.

She has also worked with a non-profit organisation to evaluate the impact of literacy-based programmes on families from socially-disadvantaged areas in Dublin.

Stephanie has published in academic journals and has lectured on modules relating to public health nutrition and clinical nutrition.

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