Richa Kumar

Richa Kumar is Research Analyst at Trilateral Research.

Her current focus is on the European Commission funded CC-Driver project, looking at its data protection and ethical aspects, as well as project management.

Richa expertise is in the field of Law, Development, Migration and Security Studies. She has most recently been working as an immigration lawyer, having earned her accreditation as an OISC Level 1 Adviser from the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OICS), UK

Research Background

Richa holds a PhD in International Relations and Politics from the University of Kent, where her focus was on “A Relational Mapping of the EU Security Market”.  She also earned an MSc in Sociology (specializing in migration and ethnic studies) from the University of Amsterdam, an MA in Development Studies from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and a BA from the University of Law, Hyderabad, India.

Her recent publications include the role of private security and defence companies in immigration control published in the OHCHR. She has published on UK immigration issues in the local newspapers focusing on the immigrant community.  She has co-authored a book chapter on pro-asylum advocacy for the Hexagon Series on Transnational Migration. Her post-graduate research looked at the tensions between Westphalian model of citizenship and contemporary migration and externalization of refugee protection.

Richa has presented at several conferences in Belgium, the Netherlands, the USA, Qatar and the UK. She has also been awarded collaborative research grant by the Harvard Law School, USA.

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