Rachel Finn

Rachel Finn is Senior Practice Manager at Trilateral Research.

Rachel is part of the Data Protection and Cyber-Risk Services and Applied Research and Innovation teams at Trilateral Research.

She manages client projects on data protection compliance as well as research projects on privacy, data protection and social impacts of current and emerging data technologies. Her key areas of focus and expertise include data management, data governance and data security in the public sector, energy sector and security sector. Working with technology developers to identify legal requirements, privacy and data protection risks and workable solutions has been a particular theme throughout her work.

Rachel provides regulatory and policy advice for European, national and institutional policy-makers on the responsible implementation of new technology systems. She is involved in the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, the Open Data Institute and the Surveillance Studies Network.

Research Background

Rachel is widely published and has a number of often-cited publications, including “Unmanned aircraft systems: Surveillance, ethics and privacy in civil applications” and “Seven types of privacy“. Her latest book, Open Data in the Knowledge Society, is available as an open access publication. 

 Rachel holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Manchester. 

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