Katrina Petersen

Katrina Petersen is a Associate Research Manager at Trilateral Research.

She is part of the Applied Research and Innovation team.

In her research, Katrina examines how different ways of working with technology, particularly visual and collaborative technologies like mapping, can influence understandings of environmental hazards and humanitarian risks.

Her areas of expertise include research on the social, cultural and ethical impact of disaster and geo-information technologies, risk and environmental mapping practices, cross-border information sharing, socio-technical resilience, and informal science education.

She has worked with a diverse set of academic and institutional partners from across Europe and the U.S. She has conducted research to enhance and innovate uses of disaster risk management tools and data in a way that better align diverse stakeholder sense-making.

Katrina has been a key initiator of the ethical, legal, and social issue guidance for collaborative disaster information technology (isITethical.eu) hosted by Public Safety Communications-Europe.

Research Background

She has published peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters on visualising risk, anonymity in disasters, mobile work in crises, and ad-hoc wildfire mapping. She has authored deliverables and presented findings in both academic and public settings.

Katrina was previously a Research Associate at Lancaster University working on the ethical and social impact work package in the FP-7 project SecInCoRe, a Senior Science Educator at the Bakken Museum, and a volunteer for the San Diego chapter of the American Red Cross.

Katrina holds a PhD in Communication and Science Studies from the University of California, San Diego, M.Sc. in Science and Technology Studies, and B.A. in Geology.

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