Julia Muraszkiewicz

Julia Muraszkiewicz is a Practice Manager at Trilateral Research.

She is leading the Applied Research and Innovation team as well as Trilateral’s STRIAD Insights Group.

Julia combines excellent managerial and research capabilities to leverage insights and make sense of complex problems. Her domain expertise include: human trafficking, criminal law, human security, gender, ethics and human rights. In these fields she enjoys defining, conceptualising and empirically studying problems to find innovative remedies, including their relationship with innovations such as AI.

Julia is also a passionate teacher, delivering trainings and workshops and ensuring course attendees acquire a comprehensive, applied understanding of the subject. She has delivered trainings to: police, border force, airport staff, civil servants, civil society, faith groups and students.

Research Background

Julia is a member of the editorial board for the Journal of Human Trafficking (Taylor & Francis) and together with colleagues at Trilateral she co-edited the first book on human trafficking in conflict (https://www.palgrave.com/gp/book/9783030408374 ). She has also published a book on the non-punishment of victims of human trafficking (https://www.palgrave.com/gb/book/9783030026585).

Alongside the books, she has published over 15 peer-reviewed articles on human trafficking. She has worked on numerous funded projects (FP7, H2020, national tenders), has a high success rate of attracting external funding and research grants and regularly undertakes consultancy in her research areas of human trafficking, human rights, criminal law, gender and ethics.

Julia has advised on state implementation of EU and Council of Europe law.  Her geographical areas of expertise include the EU and more specifically Eastern Europe and the UK. Julia is also affiliated with the University of Amsterdam where she teaches Comparative Constitutional Law.

Julia has a natural ability for public speaking, excels at organisation and project management. She has a PhD in Law from Vrije University Brussels and an LLM in International Development and Human Rights from the University of Warwick. In the past Julia has worked as a support worker at a safe house for victims of human trafficking and has co-oridnated a human trafficking NGO in Manchester.

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