Hayley Watson

Hayley Watson is a Senior Practice Manager at Trilateral Research.

She is co-lead of the Applied Research and Innovation team and manages the company’s Sociotech for Good business unit. Hayley leads strategic efforts to ensure sustainable impact from our research and innovative sociotech products and their ability to support decision-makers with data-driven insights to tackle complex social problems. Hayley’s background lies in social science, and she has conducted research on public vulnerabilities stemming from the impact of security-related issues. Hayley is a certified AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Research Background

Hayley’s core background lies in social research that examines the positioning of citizens in relation to security-related issues. Among others, she has conducted research on: the public’s response to security issues (including crises), public vulnerabilities stemming from the impact of security-related issues (e.g., crime, terrorism, crisis and conflict), considerations for improving the resilience of the public from adversity (e.g., preparedness, risk reduction, human security and improved communication). Hayley is particularly interested in innovation efforts within responsible sociotech approaches to research and innovation and how to apply interdisciplinary working in practice.

Hayley is one of the editors of the volume, Digital Methods for Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Guide to Research Innovation which was published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2015, and Human Trafficking in Conflict – Context, Causes and the Military (2020). She has published peer-reviewed journal articles in relation to security and the threat of terrorism, as well as social media and crisis management. She has participated in many international conferences, as well as publishing in the popular press. Hayley was involved in the ISCRAM community (Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management) and from 2013-2017 co-chaired the ELSI track and working group on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of IT-supported emergency response.

She is trained in research ethics, is well-versed in public speaking, supervision and project management. She has a BA in Criminology and Sociology, an MA in Methods of Social Research and a PhD in Sociology (relating to the public response to terrorism) from the University of Kent.


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