Anaïs Rességuier

Anaïs Rességuier is a Senior Research Analyst at Trilateral Research.

She works on the ethics of new technologies with a focus on the ethics of artificial intelligence and human-machine interaction especially in the sectors of security and health (including enhancement and genomics).

Her main research interests lie at the interface of the ethical inquiry and the social sciences in order to address the main challenges the society faces today.

Research Background

Anaïs is trained in philosophy, ethics, and the social sciences. After a master degree in Philosophy from the Sorbonne University and an MSc in Forced Migration from the University of Oxford, she has conducted research on the humanitarian sector at the University of Oxford and for her doctoral research.

She defended a PhD thesis in Political Theory at Sciences Po Paris on the gesture of care. Her dissertation critiques the dominant discourse centred on the sharing of suffering and proposes a new definition of care anchored on desire and power of acting.

She has previously worked on research projects funded by the European Commission at Sciences Po Paris, especially on the automation and digitalisation of border controls.

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