Policy advice​

New research, technologies and practices can raise ethical, societal and privacy concerns or unintended consequences. Standards provide approved rules and guidelines for performing activities and provide benefits in terms of enhancing performance and improving safety.


When developing and implementing policy reforms to address societal challenges, policy research, in-depth analysis of legislative environments and the wider socio-economic context enable policy-makers to reach evidence-based decisions.


Policy-makers need to support and encourage change. However, they are operating in complex circumstances with diverse stakeholders, multiple regulatory requirements, and dynamic technology advancements. To make the right choices, they need robust, evidence-based contextual information, step-by-step guidance to achieve the desired outcomes and an understanding of the potential and actual impacts of policies once they have been implemented. ​ ​

Whether you’re dealing with SMEs implementing new Regulations, combatting complex societal problems or evaluating the potential social impacts of a new technology, you need a roadmap of steps to understand the concept and ensure the desired outcomes. ​

Our team offers a range of supports, from Gap Analysis, to workshops, consultations and training as well as policy impact evaluation. Our recommendations and guidance for policy-makers and institutions help them develop and implement effective policies and standards to capture opportunities, ensure competitiveness and address societal expectations and challenges.

Policy advice insights

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