Our Research

We transform research into innovation and sustainable impact, focusing our efforts where the application of our research can make a difference in enhancing societal wellbeing.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our teams collaborate across the technology-social disciplinary divide, being able to assess the impact of emerging technologies to avoid adverse and unwanted consequences while delivering sustainable innovation.​

We provide regulatory and policy advice; develop new data-driven technologies and contribute to the latest standards in safeguarding privacy, ethics and human rights within the public and private sector.​

Data privacy and ethics for sustainable innovation​

Poorly judged technology deployment can result in a public backlash, failed product launches, or in less extreme situations, poor take-up and adoption rates. Our strong privacy- and ethics-by-design approach guides innovation projects from proof of concept through to commercialisation to ensure alignment with societal expectations.


Co-design to address societal challenges ​

End-users’ perspective is essential to gain a thorough understanding to effectively address complex social challenges. Our multidisciplinary approach brings social scientists and technology developers to work together and alongside end-users from start to finish of our research projects.


Emerging technology: Impact and New Trends

New and emerging technologies always impact individuals and communities in society. However, researchers, developers and end-users need information on how those impacts will manifest. We identify promising new trends and develop scenarios and foresight exercises to anticipate, assess and optimize how to leverage emerging technologies to transform specific sectors. We also secure innovation funding to advance responsible machine learning applications that improve data literacy and enhance societal wellbeing.


Policy advice to enhance societal wellbeing

Research insights and analysis are crucial for informed policy making. We have developed a stakeholder-based approach to develop new standards and regulatory advice for domains like security, crisis management, privacy, data ethics, healthcare and environmental sustainability, in which well informed interventions can have a significant role in improving policy for sustainable innovation.


Our research insights

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