Stakeholder consultation

During the design and development of new services and solutions, a lack of effective stakeholder engagement and consultation can lead to the design of products that do not meet the needs and expectations of end-users, ultimately resulting in low levels of adoption. Engaging with stakeholders is also critical to ensure that potential customers are aware of the solutions and services offered and the benefits that they will provide.

Stakeholder engagement and consultation involves the design, implementation and evaluation of stakeholder engagement strategies to maximise end-user participation throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Our Approach

Trilateral Research adopts a collaborative co-design approach to stakeholder engagement. Our team works closely with our clients to:

  • develop stakeholder engagement strategies that include an analysis of relevant stakeholders
  • design dissemination and communication materials to reach different stakeholders
  • build relationships with stakeholders and institutions at national, EU, and international levels
  • organise events including webinars, conferences and workshops
  • evaluate the effectiveness and impact of stakeholder engagement strategies
Why Trilateral?

Trilateral has extensive experience leading stakeholder engagement, dissemination, and communication activities in both national and European Commission funded research projects. Our dedicated marketing and communications team include communication professionals, graphic designers, and website developers who work with clients to maximise the impact of their activities through effective stakeholder engagement and consultation.

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