Social impact assessment​

When developing new technologies, responsible organisations know that it is essential to consider the ways in which these technologies may, positively or negatively, impact society. However, the effects that new technologies can have on the world is often very difficult to anticipate. Social Impact Assessments (SIA) identify how new projects, technologies or services might impact particular communities and the wider society in order to mitigate potential risks and maximise positive impact.

Our Approach

Trilateral Research’s interdisciplinary team employs a collaborative co-design approach to social impact assessments. Our team works closely with our clients to:

  • assess how a project, technology, service or initiative might impact particular communities and the wider society
  • identify and manage both intended and unintended impacts
  • achieve the responsible goals they started with
Why Trilateral?

Trilateral Research has a team of experts with extensive experience conducting social impact assessments. Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of social scientists, data scientists, data protection officers and legal experts understands technology, society and ethics, and more importantly, how they come together. We can develop a range of social science research methods best suited to your social context.