Privacy impact assessment / Privacy-by-design​

Organisations developing innovative technologies often understand the need to respect and protect privacy but are unsure how to adequately address these issues during the development process. Furthermore, organisations often recognise that strong privacy protections will make their products and services more attractive to customers; but they are unsure how to start the process or ensure its efficacy. Conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) can help organisations comply with privacy standards and it also supports a Privacy-by-Design approach.

Our Approach

Trilateral Research’s interdisciplinary team of experts employs a collaborative, co-design approach to privacy impact assessments and privacy by design. Our team works closely with our clients from the outset of a project to:

  • identify potential privacy risks in research and development projects
  • articulate the best solutions to mitigate these risks and support their implementation
  • monitor project progress to continually reassess privacy needs
  • ensure privacy enhancing features are embedded in all outputs, including tools and practices
  • incorporate privacy impact assessments from the outset in order to address any privacy issues pre-emptively
Why Trilateral?

Trilateral Research has long-standing experience carrying out privacy impact assessments in numerous research and innovation projects at both a national and EU level. Our multidisciplinary team includes social scientists, legal scholars, technology and data protection experts who employ an interdisciplinary and flexible approach to privacy impact assessment. We adapt our services to meet the specific needs of your research and development activities, allowing you to build and use state-of-the-art solutions that respect privacy without hindering innovation.

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