Legal analysis

The development of new and emerging technologies often raises a number of legal issues and concerns. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based bias and discrimination, privacy infringements, and threats to health and safety. During the design and development of these technologies, legal research and analysis is thus essential to identify and understand current laws and regulatory frameworks, potential legal conflicts, public policy considerations, challenges and gaps.

Our Approach

Trilateral Research’s team of legal and technology experts conduct rigorous research to help clients:

  • gain deeper understanding and sensitisation to legal issues and developments in the field
  • compare legal approaches and developments in different jurisdictions
  • better comprehend gaps
  • identify potential changes and reforms needed in law and policy

Our team offers a broad range of legal expertise, including doctrinal research, comparative legal research, human rights research and reforms-based legal research.

Why Trilateral?

Trilateral Research has an international team with strong expertise in legal research and analysis. Our team members expertise extends to European Union law, public international law, international human rights law, information technology law (including privacy and data protection), international humanitarian law, consumer law, and intellectual property law.

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