Data Privacy and Ethics​

In the development and deployment of a new project, service or product, Ethical Impact Assessments (EIA) enable to identify and prevent potential ethical issues that may hinder the delivery of successful and sustainable outputs


When developing innovative technologies, organisations can conduct a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to ensure that the processes adopted comply with privacy standards.


When developing new projects, technologies or services, Social Impact Assessments (SIA) help organisations to identify how these might impact particular communities and the wider society, in order to mitigate potential risks and maximise positive impact.


During the design and development of emerging technologies, legal research and analysis is essential to identify and understand potential legal conflicts, challenges and gaps.


When designing and developing new services and solutions, stakeholders engagement and consultation is essential, in order to meet end-users’ needs and expectations.


Poorly judged technology deployment can result in a public backlash, failed product launches, or in less extreme situations, poor take-up and adoption rates.

Trilateral has been a pioneer in developing and implementing privacy and ethical impact assessment methodologies; mapping societal expectations and legal requirements to identify and avoid adverse and unwanted impacts.

For us ethical, legal and social impact assessments are an integral part of the design, deployment and evolution of new technologies from proof of concept through to commercialisation.

Read how our privacy- and ethics-by-design work considers technology in context to deliver sustainable and market-ready innovation.

Data privacy and ethics insights

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