Agile development, testing and evaluation​

No organisation wants to sink a huge amount of time and resources into building something that ends up falling short of their requirements or expectations. Yet, this has been recognised as one of the major pitfalls of the traditional ‘waterfall’ approach to technology development, when requirements identified at the start of a project become a fixed reference point for technology developers. This leaves little room for rapid experimentation, integrating relevant feedback, identifying and pursuing requirements that emerge mid-way through development, or changing the direction of development when new insights emerge.

Our methodology addresses this potential risk by embedding agile methods at the heart of our approach to technology development, testing and evaluation. We work closely with our clients to understand their challenges, how they currently address them, and their enduring and potential future pain points. Then, we start building. We gather feedback, and we build some more. And the cycle repeats, with each iteration getting us closer to developing technologies that accomplish what our clients really want.

Our approach

To achieve this, we adopt the following approach:

We engage with our clients to understand their challenges and needs. No two organisations are the same, nor are the challenges our clients face and the needs they have.
We gather our clients’ initial user requirements to begin scoping potential solutions, involving inputs from across our inter-disciplinary socio-technical teams.
From these, we work with our clients to identify the most suitable solutions — and then we begin building.
We conduct internal and external testing throughout the development journey, presenting our work to our clients at regular intervals to gather their feedback and shape development.
We integrate this feedback into our development process, make adjustments where necessary, and iterate forward.

Agile development, regular testing and evaluation, and obtaining feedback directly from our clients throughout the development journey enables us to mitigate development risks, focus time and energy where it matters most, and build technologies to tackle the real challenges our clients face.

Why Trilateral

Trilateral has strong experience delivering and supporting agile technology development projects. This includes working with a number of large public sector bodies and agencies, many of whom have not yet integrated agile develop methods. If your organisation has experience working in an agile manner, let’s hit the ground running. If not, let us work with you to make it happen. We think you will like the results.