During the design and development of a new product or solution, user requirements form the basis for evaluating and validating the new solution added value.


During the design and development of emerging technologies and new products, an agile approach of iterated cycles of testing and feedback translates user requirements into tailored solutions; thus, mitigating potential risks throughout the development journey.


During the design and development of new technologies, technology pilots enable organisations to test their solutions with potential users; avoiding the risk that these will fail when launched.


To effectively develop technology that addresses complex societal challenges, the perspective of end users must remain at the centre. When developers do not involve end users in a meaningful way, the product may fall short in its potential impact.

Truly understanding any complex social problem requires domain expertise. For each of our development projects, we create a specialized, multi-disciplinary team of social science, legal and human rights experts, data scientists, computer scientists and software developers. ​​

We take an agile development approach, continuously gathering end-user requirements and perspectives within development and testing activities to enhance the quality of insights and user experience to support uptake. ​

Combined our approach ensures that investments in R&D result in visible, measurable impact for clients, partners and society.

Co-design insights

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