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DroneRules PRO is looking for new Advisory Board members

The future of drone use is changing. As GDPR enters into force, drone pilots and operators will have to rethink the way they operate.

As part of the DroneRules PRO, we are creating a privacy and data protection culture within the European drone industry and will facilitate compliance with the new legislation.

Trilateral and partners are now looking for new members to join the Advisory Board of DroneRules PRO to support the project’s development. The DroneRules PRO project works towards developing easy-to-understand and -consult information materials that will introduce commercial drone users to privacy and data protection principles and responsible drone operation strategies.

We are interested in collaborating with drone professionals and drone companies – both manufacturers and operators, as well as with civil aviation authorities, industry associations and data protection experts.

What Advisory Board members do:

  • The Advisory Board will support the development and promote the DroneRules PRO resources – e-learning course in privacy and data protection for drone professionals, Privacy Code of Conduct, Pre-flight checklist, Privacy-by-design guide for drone manufacturers.
  • The Advisory Board will get the chance to participate in and host DroneRules PRO training sessions, where DroneRules PRO resources will be presented and drone users will receive professional guidance and advice.
  • Members of the Advisory Board will help expand the project’s network of drone experts and professionals across Europe and benefit from it.

If you would like more information about the project or about the role of Advisory Board members, please contact our team:

Rachel Finn, Senior Practice Manager & Head of Irish Operations

Rachel Finn Practice Manager

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