Organisations across all sectors are accountable for the responsible handling of both personal and anonymous data. As such, organisations need to provide employee training to ensure staff awareness of their responsibilities when handling their organisation’s data.


Training – what you will achieve:

Training is an empowering tool for all organisations, regardless of the size, sector, or revenue. Strong awareness helps organisations to save time and resources as staff are in a position to proactively assess and mitigate risks. Training enables organisations to:

  • Build awareness within teams and reduce organisational risks
  • Implement data protection and data governance policies and procedures effectively
  • Prevent personal data breaches or data security incidents
  • Embed mechanisms for risk monitoring and escalation
  • Demonstrate good data governance and accountability

Trilateral’s approach

Training is about the message, means and the audience. We assess where vulnerabilities lie within your organisation, and tailor our training services to your unique compliance needs and business risks. Our training service is customised and designed in consultation with you, considering the following elements:

  • The type of organisation (e.g. SMEs, large organisations, public bodies)
  • Your key business area
  • Training content (e.g. GDPR, cyber-security, ePrivacy)
  • The seniority and key employee responsibilities of the training attendees
  • The preferred format (e.g., interactive training, resources available for wide dissemination)

Why Trilateral?

Trilateral fosters a strong data protection and data governance culture within your organisation, enabling you to understand short- and medium-term risks so as to manage them proactively. Our training shares knowledge, best practices and tools to help your employees become confident in dealing with data independently and responsibly.

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    Gap Analysis
    Map your business’ requirements, identify strengths and weaknesses and create a plan.
    Compliance Support
    Build policies and procedures to improve compliance and strengthen skills.
    Data Protection Impact Assessment
    Assess an existing system or process and reduce your risks by understanding and mitigating them.

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