Gap Analysis

When organisations want to align with a new framework, whether it’s the GDPR, ISO 27001 or some other standard, a Gap Analysis is the best place to start. A gap analysis identifies what measures the organisation already has in place, and what measures are needed to achieve compliance or certification.​

Gap analysis

Gap analysis – what you will achieve:

Gap Analysis helps organisations to:

  • Identify strengths to build on for the next phase
  • Identify gaps or weaknesses where new processes, policies or technologies need to be developed
  • Improve documentation to demonstrate alignment
  • Follow a risk-based approach that prioritises the most important items or issues to demonstrate measurable improvement efficiently and effectively.

Trilateral’s approach

Trilateral starts by reviewing available, relevant documentation related to data protection or data security to become familiar with the ways in which you have approached these issues to date. Then, we undertake discovery session interviews with key staff members in your organisation to better understand the details of the organisation’s data processing activities and profile.

Following this assessment, Trilateral will produce a Gap Analysis report that outlines the key requirements for data protection or ISO 27001 compliance based on your specific organisational profile. Each issue identified will be accompanied by a specific risk score that will enable you to prioritise action items according to their urgency.

Why Trilateral?

Trilateral delivers bespoke solutions for each organisation we work with, tailoring our services to fit the unique needs of each client. We recognise that each organisation is different, and their needs are individual. As such, we will help to identify your unique organisational needs, based on the type of data you have and your individual processing activities, and shape our solutions accordingly.

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