Vulnerability scanning /Penetration testing

Your information systems expose your business to operational risk. Particularly where these systems are customer-facing – e.g., websites, mobile applications, or Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Underlying system vulnerabilities can be exploited resulting in impact on your customers (e.g. breach of personal data) and the business (financial and reputational).

Vulnerability scanning penetration testing

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning can be used to identify weaknesses in networks and applications. Systems are checked against a catalogue of known vulnerabilities to see if the underlying code, frameworks, libraries, or protocols that are in use, risk exposing the system to threats.

Benefits of vulnerability scanning

Vulnerability scanning has several benefits:

  • Identifies vulnerabilities before external threats can take advantage of them
  • Once configured, can be run as a repeatable process, providing ongoing assurance
  • Contributes to meeting data protection requirements, facilitating the security of processing

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing (sometimes referred to as a pen test) compliments vulnerability scanning. It includes active testing of system vulnerabilities and human factors (e.g., social engineering) by specialist to identify and mitigate your organisation’s operational risks if you are targeted by malicious actors.

Benefits of penetration testing

Penetration testing enables businesses to:

  • Confirm threats posed by identified security vulnerabilities
  • Simulate real-world attack scenarios
  • Prioritise where to focus mitigation efforts

Trilateral’s Approach

Trilateral offers automated vulnerability scans against your public-facing systems to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited.

Additionally, our ethical penetration testers deploy tools and expertise to simulate cyber-attacks by capable adversaries on your systems.

Why Trilateral?

Data protection and cyber security are interconnected. Our vulnerability scanning and penetration testing services can complement your organisation’s wider compliance program. We use a co-design approach, working with you to achieve secure, compliant data processing and give you the assurance you need, so that you can focus on doing business.

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    Advanced Training
    Promote a data protection culture within your organization via specialized training for specific issues or key staff (e.g., Marketing).
    Audit and Assessment
    Verify that your existing data protection, data governance or data security measures are fit for purpose.
    DPIAs / Data Sharing Agreements
    Improve your risk profile by mitigate risks in your systems and supply chains.
    DPO Assist
    Access specialist support for data protection and data governance issues, including new challenges and complex situations.
    Outsourced DPO
    Build an additional layer of assurance for your organization and signal your commitment to protecting personal data.

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