Outsourced DPO

When tackling compliance with the latest data governance standards, every organisation has its own needs and complexities. Two years into the GDPR, many well-prepared organisations have completed a large portion of their compliance work. However, due to the complexity of operations, many organisations require some assistance to mitigate risks and show high consideration for data protection and individual rights. For those looking for an extra layer of accountability or assurance, an outsourced Data Protection Officer can ensure that an independent, yet trusted actor will guide the organisation so that data protection issues are handled by expert hands. Outsourced DPO’s can assist with both business-as-usual tasks and exceptional operations and circumstances.

Outsourced DPO

Trilateral’s Approach

The Data Protection Officer role is an important legally-recognised appointment that organisations should consider carefully.

Like all credible providers, our service covers all the requirements described in the law, including:

  • the provision of proactive advice with specialist issues or in circumstances like data breaches
  • compliance oversight
  • training and awareness raising
  • liaison with Data Protection authorities and data subjects
  • DPIA supervision

We adapt our services to each client’s needs, providing independent assurance, while, at the same time, offering hands-on help with everyday tasks.

Why Trilateral?

We deliver bespoke solutions for every organisation we work with, tailoring our services to fit the unique needs of each client. In addition to the required DPO tasks we offer:

  • A partnership approach
  • An onsite, accessible and responsive service
  • Service with a focus on change and stakeholder management
  • Additional expertise in cybersecurity, data governance and project management


Our client feedback reflects the benefits of this approach. Our success is built upon the strong relationships and trust developed between the DPO team and staff. Our 100% annual renewal rate demonstrates the value clients get from our service year-on-year.

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    Advanced Training
    Promote a data protection culture within your organization via specialized training for specific issues or key staff (e.g., Marketing).
    Audit and Assessment
    Verify that your existing data protection, data governance or data security measures are fit for purpose.
    DPIAs / Data Sharing Agreements
    Improve your risk profile by mitigate risks in your systems and supply chains.
    DPO Assist
    Access specialist support for data protection and data governance issues, including new challenges and complex situations.
    Vulnerability scanning /Penetration testing
    Protect your systems, and the data within it, from intrusions and errors.