DPO Assist

When new data governance legislation replaces outdated regimes, mature organisations face unique challenges because renewing compliance means rethinking established and efficient practices that have been finetuned over time and are familiar to employees.

DPO assist

These organisations may have strong and capable Data Protection Officers, but in challenging times they:

  • May be operating at full capacity given the breadth and complexity of their data processing activities
  • Need expert advice available at short notice to manage complex matters such as challenging incidents, breaches, and complaints
  • Have little time to investigate the impact of new legislation and policies on their operations
  • Need support liaising with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate fulfilment of statutory requirements
  • Require assistance drafting or updating internal information based on new or changing requirements, including DPIAs and data sharing agreements

DPO Assist is the most flexible of our services. The DPO Assist service is available as a structured or unstructured service.

When a structured service is provided, we work with our clients on a specified project or data protection task, to develop and deploy a clear project implementation plan. Trilateral assists  client staff around the clock to ensure that their doubts and queries are adequately addressed.

Alternatively, when an unstructured service is provided, our data protection experts are available to answer any ad hoc challenges, tackling complex queries as they arise.

In all cases, we maintain adequate spare capacity with all expert staff.  Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they have access to a pool of experts, whatever the issue; a breach expert will be available for their emergencies, an expert auditor will be available if needed at short notice, a technology expert will always be able to help within reasonable time scales, and so on.

Why Trilateral?

Our data protection advisors have varied and high levels of expertise, including LLMs, MAs, and PhDs. They are able to handle any situation, ranging from complex research to operational support.

With Trilateral, your organization will have the necessary peace of mind and the best specialist support exactly when you need it.

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    Audit and Assessment
    Verify that your existing data protection, data governance or data security measures are fit for purpose.
    Advanced Training
    Promote a data protection culture within your organization via specialized training for specific issues or key staff (e.g., Marketing).
    Data Sharing Agreements
    Improve your risk profile by mitigate risks in your systems and supply chains.
    Outsourced DPO
    Build an additional layer of assurance for your organization and signal your commitment to protecting personal data.
    Vulnerability scanning /Penetration testing
    Protect your systems, and the data within it, from intrusions and errors.

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