Audit and Assessment

Compliance with data governance standards is an organisation-wide challenge. With different departments depending on each other to meet compliance goals, it is essential to ensure that there is a holistic data governance strategy in place to meet both data protection requirements and cyber security needs.

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Audit and Assessment – what you will achieve

Our interdisciplinary team can help your organisation understand where you are on your compliance journey. With our Audit and Assessment service we help identify opportunities to improve your organisations technical and organisational measures now and develop a measurable roadmap to enhance future compliance maturity.

Trilateral’s Approach

Trilateral adopts a structured approach to meet data protection or information security compliance requirements, benchmarking the organisation against international standards such as ISO:27701 (Privacy information management) and ISO:27001 (Information Security Management).

Trilateral will:

  • Develop an understanding of the context of your organisation, taking into account compliance challenges unique to your situation
  • Review your organisation’s technical and organisational measures against requirements and best practice
  • Identify your organisation’s current compliance posture, using a risk-based approach as appropriate and producing a risk score for each area assessed
  • Verify your organisation’s alignment with standards and requirements
  • Develop an action plan for addressing items that need immediate attention
  • Produce a report to demonstrate current compliance levels and activities

Why Trilateral?

The benefits of our approach are:

  • Giving a full overview of your compliance development with a roadmap and a ranking system, assessing compliance gaps to address in the short term and devising a plan for your organisation’s compliance development
  • Identifying of all existing compliance gaps measured against international standards and best practice
  • Enabling all the different stakeholders in your organisation to work on shared objectives and achieve compliance goals

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    Advanced Training
    Promote a data protection culture within your organization via specialized training for specific issues or key staff (e.g., Marketing).
    Data Sharing Agreements
    Improve your risk profile by mitigate risks in your systems and supply chains.
    DPO Assist
    Access specialist support for data protection and data governance issues, including new challenges and complex situations.
    Outsourced DPO
    Build an additional layer of assurance for your organization and signal your commitment to protecting personal data.
    Vulnerability scanning /Penetration testing
    Protect your systems, and the data within it, from intrusions and errors.

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