Mastering Advanced Data and Legal Frameworks

Some organisations have a good level of compliance in place, but they want the added assurance of expert support. Others are used to compliance, but are trying to manage multiple, intersecting legal frameworks or create new products or processes that rely on good data governance.

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To help organisation to advance in their compliance, we offer the following services

Outsourced DPO

Build an additional layer of assurance for your organization and signal your commitment to protecting personal data.

DPO Assist

Access specialist support for data protection and data governance issues, including new challenges and complex situations.

Audit & Assessment

Verify that your existing data protection, data governance or data security measures are fit for purpose.

Advanced Training

Promote a data protection culture within your organization via specialized training for specific issues or key staff (e.g., Marketing).

Data Sharing Agreements

Improve your risk profile by mitigate risks in your systems and supply chains

Vulnerability Scanning / Penetration Testing

Protect your systems, and the data within it, from intrusions and errors 

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