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Critical Security – 4th Annual West Coast Conference

We are delighted to participate in the 4th Annual West Coast Conference which will be held from 22-26 November 2021, and this year’s theme covers “Critical Security”.

The event, organised by Canadian Association for Security & Intelligence Studies Vancouver (CASIS), offers a platform to discuss the development of human security tools and methodology for military and security leadership.

This virtual event creates space for scholars, practitioners, and security professionals to present current research on critical issues in global critical security, build a deeper understanding of critical security, and develop tools to improve intelligence regarding conflict and warfare.

Steve Anning of Trilateral Research is focusing his presentation on the “Operationalising Human Security in Contemporary Conflicts: Problematising the Population”. Preparing and responding to contemporary complex conflicts requires military leadership to cultivate a strong understanding of the vast range of threats and vulnerabilities affecting communities and civilian security. Steve engages with how AI-powered analytics capability can present a strategic analysis of the human environment, allowing military and security leadership to form reliable decisions regarding people-centred security.

At Trilateral Research we have a strong focus on building an understanding of the human environment to produce knowledgeable foresight and productive actions for the security of communities.

This is a key aspect of Trilateral Research’s HAMOC application and interdisciplinary Sociotech for Good approach.

Read more about the conference and contact our team for more information about our work.

Stephen Anning

Stephen Anning is Product Manager at Trilateral Research.

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