Celebrating Data Protection Day

The Council of Europe (CoE) in 2006 launched a Data Protection Day to be celebrated each year on 28th January, the date on which the CoE’s data protection convention, known as “Convention 108” was signed. The day, known as Data Protection Day in Europe, is celebrated across the United States of America, Canada, and 28 countries within the European Union. The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of privacy and data protection across the world.

In keeping with the spirit of awareness raising, Trilateral has produced a number of resources that seek to educate readers about the operational changes brought about by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The latter builds on the principles of “Convention 108”. The GDPR is an ambitious attempt to shape a crucial part of contemporary life. In a world increasingly defined by digital technology, the protection of private data is not merely a luxury; it is a fundamental right.

The first resource we have produced demonstrates, in practical terms, how this fundamental right impacts upon your business

The second resource looks at how the GDPR changes the rules in relation to research. For researchers and those working within the research sector, the resource sheds some light on a number of significant changes brought about by the GDPR.

The third resource also looks at a specific sector – the charity sector.  The resource discusses the various new requirements that the GDPR demands of the charity sector. It is a crucial resource for data controllers and processors working within that space.

The final resource is a high-level summary of the various rights that the GDPR gives data subjects. It is imperative for organisations to understand these rights as the potentially may have a profound impact on their operations.

We hope, that you enjoy the resources, and from everyone at Trilateral, we wish a very happy Data Protection Day!

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Kush Wadhwa

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