About us

Trilateral Research is a UK and IE-based enterprise, founded in 2004. We provide ethical AI software solutions for tackling complex social problems in the public sector.

Our rigorous research is the foundation of our work. Our team members are at the forefront of all things ‘data’ in our complex world: from collection, processing, analysis and modelling to the consideration of emerging policy and regulations in AI innovation. This enables us to:

  • Advance our software products by providing ethical AI that is driven by responsible innovation and deep knowledge of relevant social problems
  • Ensure our consulting services are at the cutting edge of emerging regulatory and ethical requirements and leverage the latest domain-specific insights
  • Continue to innovate, by driving the development of new technologies and methods for ethical AI

Our solutions make it possible for public-sector professionals to make the best use of their data. We focus our efforts on areas where the application of our software and services can make a difference in supporting decision making to enhance societal wellbeing.

Find out about our people and our culture and see how our mission drives the challenges we take on, including the software we develop, the supplementary services we provide, and the wider research we conduct.

Trilateral is a signatory to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles. Read more about our commitment and work in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

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Trilateral Research is committed to honour the Armed Forces Covenant and support the Armed Forces Community.

Our Teams


Our Leadership team provides strategic direction and management across the company to ensure quality of service and innovation.

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Sociotech for Good​

The Sociotech team focuses on the delivery and implementation of our cloud solutions and associate interdisciplinary services to enable our clients to practice data-driven decision making to tackle societal challenges.
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Data Protection and Cyber Security

The Data Protection and Cyber Security team focuses on supporting public and private bodies in complying with the latest data protection regulations in order to prevent cyber-risks and manage data with confidence

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Applied Research and Innovation

The applied research and innovation team focuses on identifying and encouraging responsible innovative solutions and areas in which new research and technology can support innovation for social good.

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Policy, Ethics and Emerging Technologies​​

The policy, ethics and emerging Technologies team focuses on assessing the ethical, legal and social impact of new technologies providing guidance for policy-makers while identifying new promising technology trends.

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Technology Development

Our technology development team is made of cloud solution architects, data scientists and software developers who work with end-users, social science and legal expert to develop new technologies to enhance societal wellbeing.

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Marketing and Communications

The marketing and communications team focuses on enhancing the impact of our research and the uptake  of our products and services by raising awareness of the value of our work with our stakeholders.

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The administration team enable day-to-day operations and support the company by ensuring robust financial forecasts.

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Our Clients

Housing Agency
The Policing Authority
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Defence Security Accelerator DASA
DIAS Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
European Commission
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Heptares Therapeutics Limited
Uni Cambridge 1
University of La Sabana
Innovate UK
VA Museum
The Wise Group
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