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Whilst we can gain great benefits from innovative technologies that are enabling society to generate and process vast amounts of data, regular reports of privacy and customer data breaches remind us of the need to protect users’ security and the serious consequences deriving from losing...

The Digital Ethics Summit held in December 2017 focussed on AI ethics, foresight and ethics by design. The messages coming out of the summit are highly relevant for everyone who is interested in the socio-economical impacts of emerging technologies. Rowena Rodrigues, Trilateral's Senior Research Analysts...

Today Internet Organized Crime and Terrorism (IOCT) is worryingly expanding. Among others, a few examples include: ransomwares, namely malwares restricting access to files and requesting the payment of a ransom in Bitcoin to remove the restriction; theft of virtual currencies; financing of terrorist activities through...

‘Risk Assessment Report and Methodology’

You can view the Executive Summary and Table of contents of the Project Solebay Risk Assessment Methodology Report.

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